Solution #242

Kicking Off A 50th Celebration

Featuring: 50th Anniversary Kick-Off
 ASPPA American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries

The Idea:

To commemorate and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ASPPA by featuring some of the key member volunteers along with historical images and materials. 

The Challenge   

The main challenge was to capture interviews with some of the original, life-long members to capture the history of the association. Challenge was logistics of the membership, scattered across the US and that some were becoming elderly.  The organization was part of a recent re-branding initiative and their new logo was being unveiled in connection to this anniversary kick-off.  And ultimately, the project had an event deadline – the kick-off at their fall annual meeting. 

The Solution

scene from 50th Kick-off featuring an egg rolling past print materials 
First solution was to start this process early and to approach it somewhat strategically.  ASPPA had determined this project 5 years in advance of this major milestone.  Second, we coordinated the timing of these interviews with their various quarterly regional meetings that enabled us to get people that were scattered across the country in closer proximity to their homes.  In talking with some of the past presidents of the organization, we were able to capture specific milestones and accomplishments of the association through its fifty years In conjunction with capturing these interviews on video, ASPPA also decided to write a history book to be published and unveiled during this anniversary year.  So, really it became an economy of scale by doing 2 projects at the same time – the author of the book could benefit from having transcripts of the organization’s historical figures and the same transcripts would help the Vido Solutions’ team craft the video script. Since the project began, ASPPA has evolved and the organization became part of a larger re-branding effort to better associate with their sister organizations under one umbrella – the American Retirement As
sociation.  As a result, a new logo was developed that is similar to a “nest egg”.  Video Solutions decided to play-off of this new look and tie in this metaphor by animating an egg from a small nest egg into a larger one – by going on a journey.  A series of live-action and animation was developed as transitional devices from one major topic to another – education, advocacy, political action, history, technology – with an egg passing through landmark or iconic imagery until it landed into a bigger nest where it was feted with confetti and applause and cheers.