Solution #287: Warning! Danger AheadTitle Slide - Danger Signs

Featuring: Danger Signs
Client: The American Traffic Safety Services Association

The Idea:

Federal Highways and ATSSA decided to produce a video discussing the problem of road sign vandalism. The video would be distributed to high schools around the country, state departments of transportation, State Police Chiefs and through ATSSA member outreach.

The Challenge:

ATSSA and a few of their members were actively involved in the issue of road sign vandalism and wanted to use some of their existing materials to launch the video. They decided to capitalize on the national attention focused on a Florida court case to bring up an age-old problem. They knew they needed to connect with a high school audience and convey the severe consequences of vandalizing street signs. This meant using excellent storytelling combined with engaging video and a touch of realism. Danger Signs needed to depict the tragic turn that road sign vandalism has on the nation. 

Reinactment of a teen vandalizing a sign

The Solution:

The widely publicized Florida Stop Sign Case was the impetus for the video. Three teenagers were accused of manslaughter because they tore down a stop sign and consequently caused a deadly accident – killing three other teens. By focusing on the consequences of vandalism, the story came to life. The video begins with the sentencing of the three teens. An on-camera host leads the presentation; he is supported by an interview with the prosecutor and an individual that committed a similar crime. The narrator’s serious tone combined with real pictures of the consequences for such a prank, made a strong impact. The video concludes with advice on ways to stop road sign vandalism.  The video was revised in 2003 and continues to be used by ATSSA members.On-Camera Host talks directly to the audience about the dangerous concequences with sign vandalism


2000 The Communicator – Crystal Award; 2000 Telly Award; 2000 Annual ITVA-DC Award of Excellence; 2000 Annual ITVA-DC Special Achievement Award; 2000 Aegis Award of Excellence; ASAE’s Silver Ink Well.