Solution #817: Federal Benefits

Featuring: FSAFEDS Video Learning Library

Client: SHPS, Inc. / ADP and Office of Personnel Management

The Idea:

The insurance provider, SHPS/ADP, needed a video introducing the FSAFEDS - Flexible Spending Account Program designed specifically for government employees. The video needed to be produced in multiple formats, include details about the three types of FSA accounts available, and it also needed to encourage employees to enroll.FSAFEDS On-Line Interface - Video Screens/Menu options

The Challenge:

The material was complex and included guidelines from the IRS and legal channels. Making it simple to understand, interesting and effective was critical. There had to be enough information to entice enrollment without getting bogged down in too many details. And it had to appeal to a wide range of federal employees, particularly during a benefits open season when they could sign up for a number of options. And it needed to do all of these things in 10-12 minutes. This video had to make FSAFEDs stand out without violating government rules prohibiting marketing to employees. It also needed to work equally well in a group setting or an individual viewing. Plus it had to be produced under a tight time frame for production and national distribution.

The Solution:

Video Solutions began by designing a DVD, CD-ROM and VHS formats. All formats included captioning to be 508 compliant. 

The video focused on the three main account types and used a host to walk viewers through the details of each. Colorful motion graphics, on-screen text, and stock imagery helped to emphasize points and make the program more engaging. It also included testimonials from current participants telling how easy the process was and how much they had saved by being enrolled in FSAFEDs. Using a friendly host allowed Video Solutions to simplify the highly complex information and instill a bit of energy into the material.  It encouraged employees to find out more about this benefit and gently reminded those who were past participants that they needed to re-enroll to stay active. 

The video is edited annually and re-filmed every two years, which maximizes the cost effectiveness of this communications tool.  This production has been annually produced since 2003, and currently is only distributed on-line as an e-learning video experience.  There is now over 50 minutes of content, delivered in a number of 1-2 minute segments across 30 web pages, making it easy for users to watch what they want or easily return to pick up where they left off.  And the client can now track viewers, which it hadn’t easily been able to do with traditional formats. 

Updated Solution:

In 2013, the entire program was overhauled utilizing 4 on-camera hosts to better relate to our government audience by showing a diverse selection of talent. This also gave us an opportunity to update program rules and regulations with the changingFsafeds now available across platforms and devices healthcare laws.  Additionally, the program was designed to stream across platforms and mobile devices - enabling easy play on a PC or a Mac - iPhones/iPads or Droids.  And, we maintained 508 compliant captioning for the hearing impaired with this upgrade.