Solution #290

High Friction Slows You Down to Safety

Featuring: “High Friction Surface Treatments - A Road Surface Treatment
 American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

The Idea:

High Friction Surfacing is valuable as a new speed crash reduction tool used on our roadways. ATSSA and FHWA wanted to develop an information awareness program to inform highway professionals and the general public about the use of HFST and how it can be installed successfully.

The Challenge:

The first challenge was finding a suitable construction location that would not only show the proper installation techniques, but also be the safest for a video crew to tag along without being in the way of the installation and in working with live traffic situations. Another consideration was the weather forecast as we would be filming outdoors. Second challenge was in showing the various installation techniques, as we could only afford to go to one location to demonstrate one style of installation.



The Solution:

Video Solutions worked with ATSSA and FHWA in determining an ideal location where we could capture the majority of footage required of the script. Production schedule worked with the weather forecast, as well as that of the construction crew. The ideal spot was just outside of Atlanta, Georgia where a crew was installing several mile stretch of HFST and we were able to capture all phases of installation from preparing the road to the final installation of this new safety material. As for covering the other techniques, ATSSA reached out to the membership and was able to garner additional video and still photos showcasing the other approved techniques for installation. Once all the visual materials were captured and gathered, Video Solutions developed the finished program complete with custom graphics, narration and music.



The Result:

Two versions of the program were ultimately created. A full length 20-minute version with the complete installation techniques and product demonstration and a shorter version that provides a simplified overview of the value of HFST. The project was developed over the course of several months and ended up with a versatile end-presentation that could be tailored to a variety of audiences.


Industry Honors:

2015 Silver Communicator Award and a 2015 Bronze Telly Award