Solution #367

2 for 1 Health Care Solutions

Featuring: An Introduction to Ft. Washington Medical Center – a Community Resource

 Ft. Washington Medical Center - Nexus Healthcare


The Idea:

Create two simultaneous videos – one video web banner and a second overview video both designed to showcase the services
provided by this community hospital.  

The Challenge:

The main challenge was working in an active and busy hospital situation with real doctors, nurses, staff, and patients without hampering care. Logistics was critical in juggling locations, rooms, staging activities, and clearing out for real emergencies. 

The Solution:

Advance preparation was critical in putting together this production. Video Solutions met with the client in advance to scout the location, discuss the needs of the video, the crew, and working through logistics to maximize the shoot and capture as much footage as possible.  Despite all the planning, the crew and the client still had to adapt to the real working conditions of the facility and staff – so it was a schedule that adapted to all conditions.  In the end, we captured real people in real situations. We also staged scenes with various hospital staff which provided a sense of realism without violating privacy laws protecting the patients. 

The Result:

In the end, the Video Solutions team produced the video within a week for the brand new launch of the hospital’s website. We developed a looping video banner that featured several of the hospital specialty areas. We also produced a three-minute overview that provides a sense of community pride, history, and a glimpse into future growth.