Solution #320

Localizing a National Event

Featuring: National Day of Rebuilding 2019
Rebuilding Together DC and Alexandria

The Idea:

To capture and highlight the local Rebuilding Together DC and Alexandria's activities on the annual construction day for people in need

The Challenge  

The main challenge was to capture footage of events happening simultaneously in three or four addresses around Washington, D.C. in a single day. Fortunately, the activities were blocks apart which enabled us to capture various stages of the home projects.

The Solution:

Systematically, we determined that we would start with a group of volunteers working on a single home at the end of the street and work down the street to the last group of activities. Along the way, we gathered sound bites from happy volunteers and homeowners. And capture all the activities from fixing gates and pathways to remodeling kitchens, fixing bathtubs, to repairing floors, fences, and concrete steps. The program was designed largely for public events and one-on-one community “asks”, in addition to living on the organization’s website.

The Result:

The net result, Video Solutions was able to deliver for the second time, a fun-paced highlight’s reel that enhanced volunteer and sponsorship participation for not only the next year, but for a couple of years - making it a worthwhile investment for the organization.