Solution #295

Predicting Better Road Weather


“Weather Savvy Roads” 5 Part Series for YouTube
An Overview of the Pathfinder Initiative and IMO Technologies


ICF / Federal Highway Administration

The Idea:

The Federal Highway Administration in collaboration with the National Weather Service, State DOTs, and other stakeholders have developed the Weather Savvy Roads Initiative to provide better road weather information to the motoring public — saving time and potentially saving lives. FHWA wanted to promote the program to other State DOTs to encourage participation in the program. 


The Challenge:

The first challenge was to understand the scope of the Weather Savvy Initiative and promote two primary programs — Pathfinder and Integrating Mobile Observations (or IMO).  The next challenge was to telling their complex story while simplifying it for different audiences.



The Solution: 

Video Solutions produced a 5-part video series for YouTube and stakeholder meetings. The goal was to provide initial overviews of the Weather Savvy Roads Initiative, Pathfinder, and IMO Technologies. We followed this with two additional in-depth videos on Pathfinder and IMO to provide more specific information. Video Solutions conducted interviews with key subject matter experts at a stakeholder conference. Then, Video Solutions did a road trip to the State DOTs of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, as well as, the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City to show the programs in action. Additional stock footage was acquired through stock libraries and State DOTs. Original 2D Animations were developed by the Video Solutions team to illustrate the IMO technology. The final videos were delivered the summer of 2018 and are currently being distributed.



2019 Communicator Award of Distinction